Parkinson's and Functional Issues

Hi, has anyone here been diagnosed with Parkinson’s & Functional Issues? By ‘Functional Issues’, I mean Functional Neurological Disorders (see: How so, and how have they impacted your life? Functional issues are neuropsychiatric symptoms that have no apparent organic cause. E.g. ‘heavy’ arms, and can be very debilitating.

Hi im new here,
I was diagnosed with FND but have been re referred to neurology as im getting worse with symptoms and think it maybe EOPD. I have days and nights where my legs are like stone and i have to walk very slow to bath room my right hand has a tremor but some days my arm hurts and doesnt move as easily plus if i sit in a certain way its like my arms can lock into place if tgat makes sense. I do get alot of nerve pain in my right arm top of left leg and lower spine