Parkinsons and getting upset for no reason

I have had Parkinson’s for almost 2 years now and can get upset for no reason
I start to cry it is very hard to control does anybody get this

Hi Darrell,
We’re sorry to hear this. We would recommend, in addition to speaking with your GP and Parkinson’s team as soon as possible, that you reach out to our kind and supportive help line on 0808 800 0303. They can assist in a variety of ways, and are happy to connect you to local mental health resources among other things.
With our warmest wishes,
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Hi Darrel,
Yea, that is one of the more common conditions of PD.
It can affect the *the amygdala,and the immediate areas that control emotions.
Just realize it is not your fault.

Have a look at red light therapy and diet for pd, they show promise? Also listening to music you like can lift your mood.

Terri is getting panic attacks; she finds the old trick of breathing into a paper bag helps

Hi I am having a problem with my temper and mood swings. I can lose my temper at the drop off a hat with any one at any time. It’s my wife that takes the brunt of my mood swings. I try not to do it but don’t always realise I’m doing it. My wife has a lot to but up with as she has had a Stroke and is not that well her self. As for my Doctors all the can say is speak to the hospital consultant but getting a response from them is hard.
Dose any one suffer the same and what works for you.

Thanks Davesan

Have you spoke to your gp Amitriptyline are really good i take them for nerve pain but thay are actually a anti depression tablet and they have worked for me alot happier. All the best