Parkinsons and HRT- your experience?

I just wondered if anyone could share their experience with HRT? Has it helped or did you have side effects? Thank you

Hi Havana,
We found this article with some discussion of HRT and Parkinson’s that we thought might help. You can also search HRT on the website where you’ll find some older forum discussions around it that might help.
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Thank you. However, the link doesn’t really help as it states:-

“While they agree there is probably a link they don’t have the knowledge or experience to offer any constructive advice or treatment.”

Thank you for sharing however. I was mostly hoping to hear from women who had taken HRT/ had not taken HRT and their experience.

I know it’s a case of doing online research and weighing up the fors and against. The jury appears to be out, which is why it is good to have first hand experience.

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I am still searching for some proper solution.

Looking to reading your next post.

Hi HavanaS, is this thread still open? How is your research going, I posted myself not too long ago around the same sort of question :smile:

Yes- please send me a message direct and we can swap stories/ learnings.

Thank you

I went on HRT gel for 4 months, at first I thought it helped but not so such now! It hards to know if hot sweats are menopause or parkinsons that messes with your temperature clock. Too much estrogen can cause palpitations and cause anxiety, as I wasn’t sure what is what, I decided to ween off gel, as I wasn’t functioning properly and my parky symptoms got worse.

I am now on HRT and it is helping me. Happy to swap stories and compare notes with anyone who wants to contact me direct.

I really think there is a link with loss of estrogen and Parkinsons. Please get in touch if you have similar symptoms and experience.

Thank you

I was on HRT before being diagnosed with PD. HavanaS I think I have read about estrogen being involved in dopamine pathways.