Parkinsons and ice cream

having just done a 3 mile hike thru australian bush up and down steep slopes i was extemely knackered. however a large bowl of ice cream had a most revitalising effect. I remember seeing Ali on Parkinson's (!) saying he ate tons of ice cream, i think that was before he was diagnosed.
So i looked up ice cream and parkinsons and found
a small study on ice cream and pd.
my theory, not in the study, is that ice cream provides sugars and the right type of fat to power up the mitochondria in the nerve cells.
Does anyone else feel better after eating ice cream - and not just cos its yummy?

In 2011, Two months dx I had surgery on my shoulder. When I came round all I wanted was ice cream. Since then I have regular cravings for ice cream! I found this really interesting, thanks for posting this!

Well for the past month or so I've had a choc-ice (or two) every single day....staple daytime diet!!

(ran out today....looking forward to tomorrow...)

Turnip!! Is this 14 days late?

Personally I find those magnum minis with a whole nut bar on the side are just the thing.