Parkinsons and ley lines

This is something I used to do when I lived in Cumbria, Dowsing, I was often asked by my  Farmer friends to look for signs of water on their land, if I was successful they would drill down and my ability worked with varying results in 85% of  attempts , now whenever I had a spectacular result I also felt extreme elation , it wasnt just  that I had discovered water it was very like smoking canabis,  " I didnt inhale" the effect pretty good so I am going to find a couple of pieces of wire and see if I can achieve the same effect on pd , nothing ventured nothing gained,     necessity is the mother of invention   two crows wont make a week of snow,???? that last one was something my gran used to say,, among others,which were muttered whenever the temperature dropped below 65F , she only worked in F and not C If you get my meaning, nutty as a fruitcake but a lovely old lady, could not stand cold weather.   I shall try to find a underground culvert in my garden I did  locate it in my neighbours as he was going to build a extension  saved him a few quid as he had to alter the plans slightly.

                                Kindest Regards Fed     anyone is capable, try it

Well I thought the Ley Lines posting would have attracted some comments, is there no one among us that has knowledge of these mysterious streams of energy that pulse beneath our feet , even with a blunted brain I can still find them, I found the storm water culvert in my garden with suprising ease I could even tell its depth its 5ft down, I confirmed this by removing a cast iron manhole cover ,last moved 33yrs ago and completely buried under grass and shrubs, I had to have the culvert examined then as I was going to extend the kitchen and the culvert would have to be reinforced with concrete,as it was going to cost more just for the Readymix  than the extension I called a halt which I regret now , 33yrs gone August I could have had a new extension plus a new bedroom bathroom and a room in the loft for £9.950 and loose change, last year my wife wanted to reignite the expired plan, ours for the princely sum of  £49.950, makes you think eh once again the plan was shelved never to see the light of day again. I was surprised that I had retained the ability or art of some   humans     cannot create a big enough disturbance in the energy field to create the desired effect which is the two pieces of wire swing inward towards each other when the exact position is achieved, I mention Humans to make the comparitive distiction between us and virtually every other creature on earth , Whales and Birds use the invisible energy streams to Navigate along with amazing memories  they remember land marks , the Arctic Tern flies from the Southern Arctic to the Northern  Arctic  zones to breed, how to they have the strength after flying 10 or 11000 miles to breed  , romance thats what drives them taking there partner on holliday  it is a sure fire way of creating the right mood.   I should tell you that it did not make any difference to  my state of mind   so no change there then, I am off now, night all.