Parkinsons and Massage:- does it help?

As I was massaging my 2.5 year old’s feet last night as she had growing pains in her ankles in the night…it occurred to me that surely there must be some benefits for my mum who has had Parkinsons for 15 years. I was thinking it would help with keeping the blood circulated and perhaps even help with overall wellbeing and maybe help when she has frozen feet. I looked it up online and it does seem as though there are some benefits. I wondered if any of you had experience of using massage to help with symptoms?

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I have massage twice a week. Don’t know if it helps with any Parkinsons symptoms, but it helps with my arthritis, and certainly makes me feel better. My husband does the same and finds it beneficial. I don’t know whether it is the oil that is used or just the pressure on the muscles but I am a big fan.


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Well I do have very bad back, shoulder and a leg and left arm pain, so i was thinking of going for this too, you see I used to have once every two week about two years ago but a very bad expymafe me stop. I went to the lady I used to go to, and she didn’t it the same, but god did I feel this and I was bruised and couldn’t move for around two weeks without a tear out of my eye. But I have motive sinces I have not had anything, my muscles feel hard and very painfully, yes this is part of the PD but than I was having the day or two of relief . I hope this helps your question.

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I was actually thinking of having a massage but I have a bad neck so was not too sure.

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I just wanted to add my two pence to this thread as I thought you’d be interested to know that we have a ‘complimentary therapies’ which has information on massage therapy for people affected by Parkinson’s. Feel free to check it out here -

Hope this is useful.

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