Parkinsons and menopause


Hi all

Is anyone going through the menopause and if so is it affecting the way your meds work and how long does it last all advice greatly appreciated.


Hi Lilly


i originally thought my PD symptoms ,then extreme fatigue and anxiety ,were the menopause. Thinking about it I suppose they could have been both, Feel as though I haven t actually properly experienced the menopause if you see what I mean.

all very confusing, neurologist suggested maybe something else going on in addition to PD for a while .maybe has effected my meds as haven t had brilliant response to Madopar. BTW I m 58 now, been dx nearly 4 years.

not sure if that s much help but I certainly think that for we women of a certain age the two conditions can get entangled together!

with all bw




Hi lilly,

I'm suffering too from menopause and Parkinson's , I find it so difficult to understand which symptoms are caused by what. I totally understand where you are coming from. Sending you best wishes. 




I too wondered what was pd and what was menopause - my gp put me on hrt and this not only helped with some of the symptons but also lifted my mood - what symptons that were left after hrt tablets I figured were pd - worth a try 


Thank you all for your replys,  your right skryace it is very difficult to tell but when i have an off time i am lucky i have the apo-go pen to kick start me i dont know if you have heard of it but its wonderful stuff it gives me an hours boost till my oral meds kick in its a  injection and takes  between 5-7 min,s to work, my hubby thinks my off times are caused by the menopause somtimes i am not sure if it is or its just the pd taking a bit of a dip only time will tell when i come through the menopause wishing you well.


Thankyou lilly,

I will definitely ask about this when I see my neurosurgeon in July. 


Best wishes:-)


I also went through Menopause (and unknowingly had PD) My periods stopped 3 years ago, never took HRT, but remember going to see GP in 2007/08 because I was feeling so bad and emotional health not good, they felt Menopause not the cause.  It makes more sense now, as PD seems to take several years to show itself!  Menopause for me overlapped with PD and also my thyroid disorder which revealed itself 3 years ago.  I feel I have been analysing myself for years and wondering why I was feeling so lost. 


I know this is an old posting, but have just found it.  I started the menopause over 7 years ago and was diagnosed with PD 10 years ago.

Whilst I dont experience the sudden blood loss and dizziness that I used to have, I do find it very difficult to control my body temperature.  One minute I am cold and the next I am feeling hot, sweaty and fit to pass out. Not sure whether this is PD or menopause, but whatever it is I am fed up with it!!

Have you also experienced this?


my wife used to suffer from hot sweats ,then freezing cold ,she has decides to go on hrt tablets could no longer cope with it,but her sister is going through it as well,but she takes antidepressants and these are meant to stop hot sweats ! me & alot other people take amitripyline to help with nerve pain ,but they are also used as antidepressants ,hrt tablets are linked with cancer so if your suffering from nerve pain give these ago! safer ask gp for advice.


Hi woulD really appreciate some help on how to deal with hot sweats. I take stalevo 4times a day &mirtazipine for depression &tramaddol for pain thanks


I have been trying sage tablets for the hot sweats associated with menopause and although they are not gone, they are far less severe than they were.

I saw my GP but he is refusing HRT because of having a hysterectomy about 16 years ago. Apparently there are considerable risks with taking HRT in my case.