Parkinsons and mental health

A good friend of mine has Parkinsons. He has mostly been dealing with physical symptoms, (dealt with quite well with meds) but now he is part convinced that he has some terrible contagious illness and cannot leave the house (I’m sure that COVID is not helping this) but at the same time a rational part of him realises this is not the case. He is very upset, not eating etc. and is generally in a bad way. I think that Parkinsons has begun to encroach on his mental faculties, and am desperately trying to find out how other sufferers have coped with mental health issues like this. My friend is very bad at heeding advice and keeps saying he needs to “pull his boots up” when it is the fault of the illness not him.

Any input would be enormously valued.



Hi and welcome, @JTayler. How lucky your friend is to have you around. I’m sure that the other helpful members here will be along soon to share their own stories.

People with Parkinson’s experience many mental health issues and you can read more about that here. Do read through it to see what might help you support him. As a supporter, you could also benefit from ringing our helpline on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our advisers.

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