Parkinsons and migraine

I have been dxed with PD 6 months ago and have not been put on any medication for PD except for indarol to try and reduce my tremor. Over this period i have been having migraines about 4 per week. I have tried amytriptaline and topomax but both made me so tired i couldn't stay awake while at work. I don't know what else to do. Has anyone else got migraines along with PD. it could be all the stress associated with the diagnosis's is causing the increase.

Any comments would be appreciated.
I am 47 and was diagnosed 9 months ago, and at first got feelings of wearing a really tight swimming cap, i was on rasagaline only at the time, the Pd nurse put me on Lyrica which was also for anxiety & sleeping issues, not actually sleeping but wanting to go to the loo every 2 hrs, the drug made me drowsy,blurred vision, i decided to come off it because i had started other meds ,miropexin, caroldopa and felt i was taking too much, i think its mind over matter, i put it down to anxiety and being newly diagnosed also stress doesn't help,i still get the odd head`ache when i feel pressured, hope that helps.