Parkinsons and motor homes?


I am 60 years old and have had Parkinson's for six years. My wife and I are debating whether to buy a motor home . Is this compatible with Parkinson's? We would love to hear from any one who has one and can point out advantages and disadvantages.

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I don't have a motor home, but looking at the bigger PD picture I seem to recall reading that PD can reduce your spatial awareness. That might make driving a more voluminous vehicle less enjoyable. I would go for one with an automatic transmission, that's a few less motor skills to worry about if you're having a bad day with motor symptoms. Parking sensors, where would we be without them? Best thing we ever added to the spec list. Also a lot of motor homes have driving positions higher than you might be used to, if you can get in and out with ease that's another box ticked.

When parked up for the night if you can get a level spot and lock the suspension out with the "jack legs" or whatever they are called, you shouldn't get any problems with unexpected movement under your feet.

Have you tried one out? If not hire one for a few days that will give you an insight regarding your compatibility with it and it's compatibility with you.

Hope this helps.

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