Parkinsons and pancreatitis

hi, my dad was diagnosed with parkinsons approx 2 years ago and apart form a temor in the hand and a slower walk it did not affect him significantly. however 3 months ago he fell ill due to a trapped gallstone and after surgery he developed pancreatitis. he fell critically ill and was not expected to survive however due to a lot of luck, fight from my dad and specialist medical assistance he is still fighting this illness. he was extremely confused for a while but we put this down to his illness and the amount of medication he was on but the medication has significantly reduced and yet he still seems very mixed up and confused. i have read on the internet, dangerous i know!, that there is a chance on brain damage for patients with severe pancreatitis and just wondered if anyone with parkinsons has had panceatitis and knows if this can excellarate/speed up the onset on parkinsons symptoms??? dad does seem much more confused now and comes out with bizzar comments about things. his recollection of conversations with nurses seems very different form theirs when we approach them about our concerns. for example he insists that he has not been fed as the staff said the food was not suitable for his soft diet requirement but when approached the nurse says dad said he did not want the dinner??