Parkinson's and sciatica

Is there any connection with sciatica and Parkinson’s?

Since Tuesday I have had excrutiating pain in one side of my back going down to my ankle, I have to try and walk around, take tablets rub deep heat in before I can function. The pain is worse than child birth. Then after a couple of hours I am fine again, until the next morning.

Monday I attended my PDW class which I really enjoy but we did the penquin move which really made my thighs hurt, did this cause the sciatica?

Anyone got any suggestions how to help this problem, I’m reluctant to go to the Doctors as I’m sure it is only a case of exercise and pain killers.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Marg’s, sorry you are having this pain. I know how you feel as I had the same thing a few weeks ago and the pain was excruciating! I visited averygood local physio who did quite a lot of deep massage and gradually the pain eased. I now do a series of stretching exercises every morning (recommended by the physio) and so far, so good. I think that Parkinson’s makes you more susceptible to this kind of problem because I have a constant fight with muscle tension, particularly in my lower back. I would suggest you find a good therapist who will confirm whether it is sciatica and hopefully treat the problem. Good luck!

Thank you Musical66, I’m going to look up a physiotherapist now. It’s getting to the point I don’t want to go to bed as I have to go through agony for an hour or so. Strangely after that item on.

Margs, I too have had severe sciatica, for over 1 year before the leg pain improved noticeably. That was nearly 3 years ago. My back does get progressively stiffer emanating from tight muscles in my lower back, perhaps as a result of my Parkinsons gait and my GP prescribes me regular visits to the chiropractor , 5 or 6 visits per prescription. It is a godsend! After each visit the gap before the next session is needed gets longer, now many months.
Hope this helps - it helped me

Hello Margs,

Sorry to hear that but unfortunately yes, the problem is well-known. In my case the unbearable pain in the lower back led to the surgery of the slipped disc (at the level L5/S1). Although the surgery itself went well and I have no back pain since then, I‘ve been told that this is likely to happen again, because - like Musical66 said - of the constant battle with the muscle tension. This tension forces me to walk kind of twisted which affects my lower back area…

So I would definitely recommend you to consult a physician or a physiotherapist. Apart from freeing you from pain they can also show you some excercises that will do you good and that you can incorporate into your daily routine… good luck!

Hi Margs.

I had extreme pain in one of my legs so much so I could barely walk first thing in a morning and this pain lasted for 2-3 hours.each morning. My Parkinson Consultant believed it was all down to Parkinsons, However I was not prepared to accept the Parkinson diagnosis and went to my own Doctor who said he believed it was caused by a back problem. I consulted a neurosurgeon who recommended a MRI of my cervical & Lumbar Spine. The results confirmed L4/5 canal stenosis & L4/5 decompression & right sided Sciatica, I underwent the operation in late February and immediately I had undergone the procedure I had no pain whatsoever and was in the hospital for one night. I have since started playing golf again! This may be an avenue to follow. Good luck. Keith

Thanks everyone for your replies. I went to a chiropractor yesterday and he has told me to put an ice pack on my back and did some manipulation.

Unfortunately have a bad cold so spent longer in bed today, consequently when I did get up around 11 it still took me a couple of hours before I could function without pains in my back.

Going back next week and hopefully things will get better. I just dread going to bed as I know it will be agony when I get up.

Starting to feel down but trying to pull myself out of it as feeling positive is the only way to go.

Thanks for everyone’s support.

I’ve been having epidural and facet injections for 8years had Parkinson’s 11 yrs I think it was down too dyskinesia and dystonia also have a lot of nerve pain in legs and cramping muscles

Hi everybody

For the last 10 weeks I too have had an excruciating pain which originates in my right hip and goes down the front of my leg into my knee. It is worst on getting out of bed in the morning.

I have had lower back pain for many years and had an MRI before my PD diagnosis, showing mild disc bulges at L2/3 and L3/4, disc degeneration at L4/5 and facet joint Osteo-arthritis particularly on right side. The question is whether this has increased since 2014, to a point where it is causing nerve compression.

My pain is possibly from femoral nerve entrapment rather than sciatic as it goes down the front of my leg.

I don’t think the two conditions are linked, but the pain certainly makes my gait initiation even worse, presumably because psychologically it takes away my confidence in moving.

Now seeing my chiropractor, who says
“ in my experience it often can take 6-8 weeks for improvement often starting intensely with 2 sessions per week for 2-3 weeks and then weekly for 2-3 weeks and then reducing as tho condition improves. Nerve pain is usually felt very strongly through the hip and certainly the upper sciatic nerves L2 (femoral) and L3 nerve roots run along the front of the thigh to the knee. I would usually suggest a trial course of treatment over a 5-6 week period. If no significant improvement has been made then a referral to the musculoskeletal clinic would be recommended via the GP. “

Hope you are all getting some help now.