Parkinson's and the B1 Therapy by Daphne Bryan PhD

Hi, I don’t post here much these days as I have had PD for many years and not much gets my attention regarding new treatments. In fact, I would go as far to say there have not been any major new drugs since the gold standard, levadopa (Sinemet and Madopar). However, B1 therapy has been brought to my attention by a fellow PD sufferer. Daphne Bryan’s book ‘Parkinson’s and the B1 Therapy’ makes a very interesting read and provides hope and inspiration for PwP. It can be sourced from Amazon. Beyond bringing this book to your attention, I do not wish to engage further as I am in the early days of trialling B1 for myself and just wish to do this quietly on my own, with the book as my guide. For administrators, PLEASE could you kindly ask PD UK to consider funding a randomized controlled trial of this B1 protocol. Thank you. Sally.

Hi Guys,

This is the blurb from Amazon.

In 2011, the Italian neurologist Dr Antonio Costantini began treating his Parkinson’s patients with high doses of B1. As a result, their symptoms improved by up to 70% with no obvious progression in the disease over the five years he worked with them. Yet there is still a lack of awareness about this valuable therapy amongst doctors and Parkinson’s nurses.

This book is intended for people with Parkinson’s and their health professionals. It presents theories and hypotheses to explain the substantial effect thiamine has on the brain, discusses the available research which has studied the effect of high doses of B1 on Parkinson’s patients, and details the protocol, as we currently understand it, for patients and doctors who wish to use the therapy.

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease and consequently there is a sense of urgency for neurologists, doctors, and Parkinson’s nurses to acquaint themselves with this therapy. This treatment is immediately available, relatively inexpensive and safe, and for many of us has improved our lives significantly.

Sadly, in 2020 Dr Costantini died from Covid-19. However, his colleagues, wishing to continue his work, have designed a rigorous research project to understand more about the effect of high doses of thiamine on the Parkinson’s brain. This in-depth research is needed before the therapy will be adopted by mainstream medicine. The research team have, however, been unable to procure funding to start this important study.

I urge anyone suffering with PD to read this book. I am certain there is something in it and believe it is helping me. I have had PD for 40 years (juvenile onset) and it really gives me hope for my future. I am now 57 years old and have been on levadopa therapy alone for 30 years.

my husband has PD for 5 years .We have have the book after reading B1 therapy could it be the answer to help with his movement and pain in his arms