Parkinson's and thyroid


My mum has been diagnosed with PD for a number of years now and takes x4sinement plus slow release. There were times a few years ago where she could hardly walk and things have improved greatly ( following a fall which resulted in a broken leg but also a consultant who knew his stuff).
Anyway mum has been coping well and having 6/8 hours 'switched on' but this had reduced over the last 3 months.
Mum has a history of underactive thyroid and is currently not on any meds re this. She is noticing a correlation with feeling a lump in her throat and the days she just can't move :(. Any advice would be appreciated x

Has your mum ever taken thyroxin? I have no medical qualifications-- and little knowledge-- but would think from my own experience that if she ever needed it, she still does. Probably best to talk to GP about it. Good luck
I suggest that your mum visits her GP and has a thyroid function test as soon as possible. Has your mum ever taken thyroxine or was her level just being monitored?

I have regular thyroid function tests,(under active) and over the years my dosage has gradually increased.

I found it difficult to remember to take my medication at first as I had no debilitating symptoms. However, when my GP informed me that if I did not take my thyroxine, the consequences would be severe. Maybe this is the problem for your mum.

Once the test results are back, and if your mum needs thyroxine, then you may see an improvement after taking it for a couple of weeks, but if not, then see the Parkinsons consultant.

It could be either or both that need sorting out.

These are just my personal experience and suggestions.
Hi LJ,

I understand that iodine deficiency is a very common cause of thyroid problems. It is easy to test for iodine deficiency and to increase one's level of iodine if that's what's causing the problem, so perhaps worth checking that with a GP.

Also note that iodine deficiency and/or thyroid problems might be somehow linked to PD. I saw a study arguing that there was correlation with PD prevalence and iodine deficiency, and the hormones produced by the thyroid are apparently based on one key "ingredient" that our brains used to produce dopamine naturally (tyrosine). I have myself PD and my lab tests show that I'm low on iodine. While I don't have any noticeable symptoms of thyroid problems, I have started taking iodine supplements, just in case in plays a role in PD too.

All the best to your mum,

Hi LJ,
My mum has PD and also has no thyroid and is on replacement Levothyroxine. i find that when her dose is off it can make the PD symptoms seem worse. get it check out at the GP ASAP. you should see a difference.

best wishes, science girl