Parkinson's and with other related long term issues

In cases of PD where treatment is not a straightforward issue due to other related long term issues, that make it hard to determine cause and effect of symptoms, and that I think may be questionable, as they were never adequately explained.

How would be the best way proceed to ensure the best treatment, in such cases, to avoid guess work. When there may be better and more precise information available ?

You mean you’ve previously been diagnosed with other illnesses that now you’ve been diagnosed with PD you wonder if they are all related?

If that is the case then probably the place to start is your Neurologist. Parkinson’s is not a simple condition and can have many symptoms that overlap with other diseases. In general from my experience if they are from the PD then they improve with the treatment for that even if they don’t go away completely. So for example I had a prior diagnosis of post viral fatigue and while this was definitely precipitated by an infection it lingered and worsened. This ,while not going away, is now much better with l-dopa and pramipexole as are my more traditional PD symptoms.


That’s always hard. Anxiety can be a big problem in PD regardless of prior problems. I’d suggest talking to your GP. There are some medications you can take with the PD meds that will hopefully help.

Hope you feel better soon.

Podd if you wish to ask a question about your meds you can allways give Parkinson’s UK helpline a ring, they have allways helped me and if they can not answer your question then they will get some one who can.