Parkinsons Assistance Dogs

Hi Everyone

I live in Cornwall, which is a bit disengaged from the rest of the country.
I first saw assistance dogs for PD in Philadelphia USA. I have talked to someone in the South East of England about their program to train dogs; however Cornwall is too far away.

Does anyone know anything available down here? Is it possible to get a puppy and train it up yourself with guidance?

I am 55, diagnosed 2005, living alone, and need a dog companion. Also, does the one off grant that the organisation bestows cover situations like dog training or am I stepping out of line.

Desperately trying to stay independent.

Hello Thread8,

I have an assistance dog but I haven't got PD mine is a back problem,however I will contact my area contact and find out if they train dogs for pwp and if they have anyone in cornwall. I have had two dogs now and I understand how you must feel but I do know that the organisation is trialling training dogs to work with people with early dementia. I will get back in touch with you as soon as I know.
best wishes
Hi thread8,
I've had a chat with the helpline and they've given me the details for Canine Partners. You can find more information about the organisation on their website at

I gave them a ring at their general enquiries line and they confirmed that they do have resources in Corwall.

You can give them a ring at their general enquiries line.

General Enquiries:
08456 580 480 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm)

I hope this helps.

i spoke to louise today,and she is sending me information in the post.thakyou for this thread,it will help me a great deal.:smile:
Thank you all so much. I will let you know how I get on. x
My daughter is at Canine Partners national training centre in Heyshott at the moment training with her new assistance dog Yaris.
If you have ever seen one of these dogs working it's amazing what asstance they can give, switching lights on, opening doors, help pull clothes off, help with shopping,and many other things some specific to the partner.
The biggest help though is the reassurance and confidence they give to their partners to deal with life.