Parkinson's audit

I have been reading the report of the last audit of services delivered to PD patients with interest. There appears to have been some excellent work done by the researchers and the panel, thank you all for that.

I might have missed something, so apologies if that is so, but there does not appear to be anyone on the panel who actually HAS PD. now it seems to be the case that so often occurs, we are seen as people with Parkinson's and nothing more - contrary to popular belief, many of us had careers and still possess skills that might be useful. And so often our condition actually gives us more clout when it comes to presenting results - we have an (enforced) passion about the outcomes of research and would appreciate the opportunity to show that despite battling against this horrible condition, we can still have a useful contribution to make to society. Hello, I am not stupid, I have Parkinson's (former head of audit for an investment bank in the City)(and before you ask, no it was not one of the banks that needed a bail out from tax payers!)

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What audit of services report are you referring too and who produced it?


Hi barefoot

Thanks for very much for your thoughts and comments on the Parkinson's audit.

You are right that currently Parkinson's UK doesn't have a person with Parkinson's on the panel although work's being done on this already and there will be someone in place within the next six months at the latest.

What I'd suggest is that if you have an interest in our research work and opportunities for participation, you can join our Research Support Network and all opportunities will be communicated.

You can contact the Research Support Network by email: [email protected]

For all information on how you can get involved follow this link:

I hope this information is helpful

Here's a link to our web page about the Parkinson's Audit for those who are interested in finding out more: