Parkinson's awareness

My latest vlog discusses how downplaying Parkinson's can hamper awareness.



Liked caŕry on your great my 5yr dbs assessment March 13th how time flies
Like your smile at end of vlog!! It's true, people really only want to know that you're 'fine'. Hopefully your vlog will help. Keep it up!

Hi Ian I love watching your views wonderful. 

I have a Neurologist I have had to pay as I could not get a appointment for 10 months with NHS  I cannot ask my Neurologist any questions as he just ignores me, he told me off for freezing on my way out of his office. I am a very positive person, but get fed up with family and friends saying I don't have PD when did they become professional. If I want answers I have to search for them myself life is what I make it from now on. My Dr was supposed to see me explain my medication this didn't happen I pick it up from Pharmacy no leaflet to explain side effects. I go to St George's in London in April but don't hold out much hope. I would love to find a Neurologist I can talk to I did ask my doctor for help to find a Neurologist but was told she could not help and it was up to me to do a search. I not sleeping ask my doctor about this offer sleeping tablets I have not pick them up. This man came up to me in the shopping mall and asked do you have PD I had to laugh it's a good job my sense of humour is not up my rear end. So look forward to more of your YouTube videos so admire you.

sending a big hug PJ

Hi PJ, Just read your post. It's terrible the way you've been dealt with. It's probably an obvious question but do you have a Pd nurse you can talk to? Some times if they don't know the answer they'll find out directly from the consultant. Don't know where you live but you mentioned St Georges. Do they have a nurse there?. There is one in Kingston. Sometimes the two hospitals link up. Maybe check that out. DivineR