Parkinson's Care & Support UK

Hi - does anyone know who this charity is run by and where the funding comes from, who’s behind it? It came up as the first website when I Googled Parkinson’s UK just now but I haven’t seen it before. It’s a very nice looking website but has absolutely no information about who they are although there is an ‘about us’ section which gives little away. Clearly promoting alternative therapies rather than drug therapy for PD.


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I’ve not heard of it, but having read your post I looked at their website and find it quite concerning.

“We invest in natural remedies, alternative therapies and non-pharmaceutical research to prevent, slow down, reverse and ultimately cure Parkinson’s.”

They are going to cure Parkinson’s with ‘alternative therapies’? Oh dearie me.

Hi @Mountainair,

As far as I’m aware; we don’t have any affiliation with Parkinson’s Care & Support UK, however, I would encourage you to contact them directly with any queries you have. You can find their contact information here:

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this.

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Thank you Jane & Reah.

I’ve since checked them out on the Charities Commission website and they are a newish charity - registered 2018. The names of three trustees are listed - Paul Morgan, Debbie Morgan, and Paul Silly - but I’ve found no information online about who any of the individuals are or why they have set up the charity, i.e. what their vested interests are in Parkinson’s or where the funding comes from. The address is given as a PO Box in Mitcham, Surrey but I prefer not to make contact with an organisation that gives so little information about itself. Why the lack of transparency? If any of the trustees are reading this, maybe they can enlighten us?

This does sound ery dubious to say the least