Parkinson's clubs

I was diagnosed just before the pandemic so wasn’t able to join my local PD club. I know there is one about 7 miles from me. What I would like to know is what do other people get up to at their clubs. Is there a set style to running clubs, tea and sticky buns and a chit chat. Do some of you organise outings and other functions? Obviously if someone from Wadebridge reads this you can give me an insight into what you get up to.

I don’t know Wadebridge, but I have lived in 3 different areas since I was diagnosed and the local groups vary enormously. They are volunteer run, on usually precarious budgets, some manage to get exercise groups going, others might have choirs, art groups, Home made cake and tea is often a feature, there might be day trips, there could be holidays. There will always be people to talk to and information to be found.Go along and find out, and if you can, join the committee.

Hello, We were going to a group where they play bingo, raffle & occasional quizzes, some exercises. Occasionally they have a guest speaker. We have been on day trips to a garden centre & one was to a local town for afternoon tea. The group relies heavily on volunteers to organise things. Its quite relaxed atmosphere and folks are friendly. Once things like that can run again you could have a look on this site & see what’s in your area. You may have had a look already but I have been surprised at the variety of the organised activities.
All the best Sheila

Hi Sheila, thanks for your reply.
What part of the country do you live. I live in Cornwall and there does appear to be a number of groups in the county. I suppose I am lucky because there is one in the next town. Unfortunately I wasn’t ably to get to it because of the pandemic. It is comforting to know other groups run different activities.


Hi Martin, We live in Staffordshire, near to border of Cheshire & are quite well catered for in terms of groups. We do travel about 20 minutes to get to them but worth it. We were going to a good physio group (its my Partner whose got PD). He found this group really beneficial, its really a shame its postponed at the moment. We do get out for exercise & keep occupied but miss our usual jaunts to gardens & Cafes.


At our monthly meetings we have various providers: we have had a pottery session, bongo drums singing sessions, guest speakers on a range of topics, therapy dogs and much more. During the year we also have a number of fundraising events: fashion show, sponsored walk, race night, curry evening, and our annual lunch. All these events raise much need funds for PUK. During the summer we also have days out; these have included a local canal cruise, a visit to a vineyard, a chocolate factory, cheese maker etc.Our branch is very active and I would say that belonging to a branch brings great friendship and I hope that we shall be back to our usual activities very soon.

I’m a member of the Torridge (Bideford) group. Until the lockdown, I attended the weekly physiotherapy exercise class which is jointly organised by the group and the NHS physiotherapists. There are two classes, one for fitter members and one for not so fit. When I was diagnosed I saw an NHS physio for a few weeks. She then referred me to the class and told me that I should regard it as treatment. Part of it is straightforward keep fit exercises, but there are also specialised exercises aimed at the particular mobility problems faced by almost all Parkinson’s sufferers eventually. Recently, I’ve experienced significant ‘slippage’, to use the euphemism preferred by our Parkinson’s nurse. In other words, my PD has progressed and got worse and for several weeks I’ve not been on enough drugs to control it. As a result I’ve had significant mobility problems. While this has been going on, I’ve become aware of how the exercises I’ve been doing for the last two and a half years are helping me continue to move: turning, keeping balance, getting up from a sitting position. The class is continuing during the lockdown, using Zoom. If your local group runs anything similar, I recommend it. You may not need it now, but it will prepare you for the future.

Thanks for that @Jane_L. It looks like I will have to start phoning some of the local Parkinsons contacts I have to see what my next move should be. As I said before I don’t have too many bad symptoms, just the shaking in my left arm and a slow gait. Also, I am not on any Meds yet.
Oh well, let’s cross one bridge at a time. Get my brain into gear and make them calls, see what happens next.
Keep safe,