Parkinsons disease and dry mouth

Hi, my father has been recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and he is currently undergoing treatments and medications for that. He met with a minor accident last month and his teeth got chipped off. We consulted a dentist and he told that a root canal procedure should be carried out immediately. I have heard and read in a blog ( ) that Parkinson's disease can induce dry mouth. Will the production of less saliva affect the treatment? Will the problem be resolved if he uses a saliva substitute?

 Yes  PD does cause dry mouth syndrome but also  causes excessive  dribbling  depending on the activity underway at  the time  it  can  be  very  annoying  but I  dont think it will  interfere with  your  dads  treatment its  also impossible  to  predict as  in  when  or  where ,  its a  pesky varmint to  be   sure I  carry a  small bottle of water at all times and always  from  the  same  company,  interesting history  is  printed  on  the  back  of  the  bottle

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I've had root canal work since diagnosis, Although I sometimes have a dry mouth, I tend to produce extra saliva when cleaning my teeth and when the dentist is working on them. Whichever way it goes for your dad, the dentist will deal with it.


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Hello I just wanted to contribute to the topic, I am a Toronto dentist with my own clinic called Atlas Dental and I sometimes see patients with dry mouth issues. A great way to manage it is with various saliva substitutes and good oral hygiene. Try over-the-counter saliva substitutes that contain xylitol, such as Mouth Kote or Oasis Moisturizing Mouth Spray, or that contain carboxymethylcellulose or hydroxyethyl cellulose such as Biotene OralBalance Moisturizing Gel.

Frequent sips of water also help.

Use toothpastes with high fluoride concentrations such as Prevident 5000 or with xylitol such as ones X-pur Cario. I think using them each one per day, a high fluoride tooth paste in the morning and a xylitol tooth paste at night, is a good combination.