Parkinson's Disease Symptom Control

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This is a link to my latest vlog, about cannabis for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system.



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I mentioned the use of cannabis for neuropathic pain on the diabetes forum. My post was pulled, because someone on the forum objected to me condoning illegal activity, which is against forum rules. This  shows what faces any attempt at serious discussion. I know people with MS who use it with significant benefit. 

It is up to doctors in this country to persuade the government that a standardised form of cannabis should be available to those with neurological conditions in which benefit has been shown. At the very least, it is a treatment with no significant side effects. I agree, the undercover trade is of indeterminate strength and quality, which undermines the attempt to find the dose that alleviates symptoms best while still allowing you to function in society.


Hi Selfbuilder and Island Mike,

I thought you’d both be interested to know that we have a blog post about the research evidence for cannabis that you may want to check out. You can find it here.

However, we must stress that although there have been promising effects shown in lab studies, there isn’t enough evidence to show that cannabis – based treatments are beneficial for people with Parkinson’s, and there are very real risks.

Hope you enjoy reading the blog!





Hi Reah

Thanks for your message.  Like Mike, I have previously had forum posts removed for mentioning cannabis, which stifles any debate - at least this post hasn't been removed (yet)!

I agree that more research is needed, but unfortunately this isn't going to happen whilst the plant is illegal and considered to have no medicinal value.  The real risks that you mention (discussed as side effects in the blog) are significantly less damaging and unpleasant than the documented side effects of prescription meds for PD.  

The evidence of its effect on tremor, dystonia, muscular pain, neurological pain, mood and anxiety may not have been published as a result of any study (at least, not in the UK), but have been experienced first hand by me (and many other PD patients) which, to be frank, is good enough for me.  Just like prescription meds, cannabis doesn't work for everyone - we are all different.

A video showing the difference that cannabis makes to my tremor (and thus to my quality of life) can be seen here -



Of the side effects listed on the blog, I don’t recall any of them when I was at uni and an occasional cannabis user. Except, perhaps lethargy. 

The problem with cannabis is that it’s very difficult to do double blind trials, but the anecdotal success with stiffness in MS is increasing steadily. I’m as stiff as a plank in the mornings, so I’d welcome some standardised cannabis to see if that can be fixed. But as Ian says, everyone is different. Nonetheless, I would be happier trying the cannabis than taking tablets with a slew of side effects.