Parkinsons disease

a point of view, an attitude to life. so many views , so many attitudes. in the mix, cure or not cured, militant or passive, proud of your attitude to "it" or just accepting. keep quiet ,fade away or just "cope". spirit, inspire or inform. voice your point of view, ram it down others throats or just quietly go about business. advice , advise, share experiences and care, love or hate. well, unwell,grudges,foregiveness. don't agree but thanks for sharing that with me ,best wishes i hear and respect your point of view. friends all of us in the same boat whether we like it or not .we all do our best but our best may be someone else's worst or visa versa. just be happy and accept or maybe rage against. positive-negative we are all the same - but in many different ways
Hello I thank you for your thread, as you point out we are all very different which makes life interesting.
It is a shame, in my opinion, to call yourself Rubbish when you can write something as interesting as this posting. However we all pick our names for a variety of reasons - which comes back to your posting!!!

The Breeze :wink:
hello and yes you have a good point we are all different we all cope the best we can drive our famlies up the wall but then thats what maks this pd interesting something works for you does not work for me ect we still have a life to live and i feel it helps to talk to pepole in same boat as yourself and not forgeting tnat we come from all walks of life so we will look at things different so onwards and upwards
I wrote this rubbish a while back about different views people have - but please carry on the debate as it is all good for the mind - as for people being banned -- well it can get nasty on here as most of us can be "cutting" if we feel misunderstood