'Parkinson's Drug Market Will Reach $3426 Million in 2016'

A powerful incentive to market new drugs for PD ! The article in the link is a good summary of the new drugs on their way. I tried to download the full report but at £1500, my pocket money was insufficient........

very excellent article Bart dude.

Money talks, it also plans, builds, controls. Its like water - an irresistible force of nature. And except for azilect all the big drugs have lost patent so there is no big money to be had without new patents. Its gone from incentive to keep the status quo to a competition to win the big prize - thank god we have a popular disease!

And so many different avenues - I'd never heard of half of them. To me the combination of so many possibilities and the financial incentive is what makes me so hopeful of a 'cure equivalent' set of treatments relatively soon, ie not necessarily a magic bullet but control of symptoms and progression that make having pd into a minor complaint.

thanks again B - sure you couldn't stretch to a full copy?