Parkinson's Falls

There are effectively 3 types to Falls in Parkinson’s Disease.

Type 1. Where a muscle or muscle group fail to energize to cause a topple.

Type 2. Where muscle or group of muscle fail to relax or de-energize, to cause a topple.

Type 3. Where Type 1 & Type 2 combine working against each other, resulting in a tripping up like fall.

Determining the Fall type is essential to assist in any relevant prescription in medication and or physio therapy and exercise routine.

I hope this helps, especially for those who find themselves hitting the ground on a daily basis.

Kind Regards

I know this is an old thread but I am looking for any info on falls as I am hitting the deck 10+ times a day most days . I had DBS 4 years ago which was miraculous and many symptoms have disappeared but the falls are back with a vengeance. Any info on diet, alternative therapies or medication gratefully received.