Parkinson's in the heat

my name is darrell I am 61 years old I am new to this I have had Parkinson for 17 months now finding it very hard to come to come terms with
I have all the signs I have stiffness and pains in legs, shoulders,neck,hands,anxiety,exhaustion,very low mood up and down
tremor in left arm and hand find it hard to walk due to my legs feeling heavy at times I have constipation find it hard to eat food at times have to watch what I am eating.
I have just been to the hospital on Monday for a memory test because I got short team memory problems .
I still work 5 days a week but it is a struggle to go through the day. because it has been so hot the last few days the heat has made my Parkinson worse to the point that I have been of work for last two days
has anybody with Parkinson had the same problem with the heat

Yes, I find the current weather in the UK certainly is making my symptons, especially coordination & fatigue worse.

I do however find when I am away on holiday (usually cruises), that the temperature can be as high or if not higher than we are currently experiencing and my symptoms are usually either better or not affected. So I do wonder if it more to do with humidity perhaps.

Currently make sure you are drinking plenty of water, stay out of the sun and try and keep your home as cool as you can. Also take naps as and when required. Also cold damp towels around the neck I find help me, as well as placing my feet in a bowl of cold water.

Take care over the next few days :sunglasses:

Hello Darrell, Good advice from jps there! My husband is 6 years along the line with PD. He also suffers from constipation so he now takes Movicol sachets daily. This has helped and it’s quite important to try and not get constipated as our PD nurse told us the meds won’t work as efficiently if badly constipated. I also give him liquorice after our evening meal every now and then! I’ve also increased the amount he drinks as unfortunately he had a couple of nasty UTi’s earlier this year which resulted in hospital admittance. I hope you get your other issues sorted soon. Your PD nurse should be able to help and reassure you so don’t hold back contacting her if you’re struggling. Good luck and stay cool! Jean

Hi Darrell,
am 9years down the line, and this year the heat definitely does not agree with me. Makes fatigue and tremor a hundred fold worse…just got to stay cool as you can, couple of showers aday if you can manage it.
As for mood swings, speak to your GP, about antidepressants, remember Parkinsons depletes your happy hormones …its a chemical imbalance.
On saying that it’s taken me a long time to come to terms with it… hang in there Darrell