Parkinson's is a blank page

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s it felt as if the current chapter I was writing in my life was rubbed out. It left me facing a blank page. There is sadness in the emptiness of that page. I will never be able to fill it like I once did; the symptoms and my inevitable awareness of them impose a limit on me. However, there is also a fullness in that blank page, a fullness of possibilities yet to be explored and chapters to be written. You can choose to see the emptiness and mourn the passing of what has been or you can see the fullness and celebrate its possibilities. Parkinson’s disease is both a stop and a start.
I like what you are saying.
there are constant reminders which can disrupt quality of life, but opportunities to write the next chapter of life
HI , Life is what you make it, it may slow things down, but it hasn't stopped me enjoying life. My out look has changed but I am stronger and I wpn't give in , or give up. My way of live may have been adapted to suit my mobility, or lack ogf mobility as the years pass. But I am still happy and more than anything I do still have a life ! Blue Angel