Parkinson's Is Poetry thread 2019


There are times I know
When I feel so low
Who do I turn to
Where do I go

It, s hard to explain
Because you can’t show the pain
To make others aware
That you need someone to care

You have to keep trying
Not to start crying
To search for the way out
And rid the self doubt

Sure times can be tough
And things do get rough
But you will find ways
To get through the bad days

Keep your head up
Do your favourite thing
But whatever you do
Don, t hit the Gin

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Resh it may have passed me by as have had a bit of a to do with my health this past few weeks but if they were used, can you point me in the right direction to see how the poems were used. You mentioned creating videos?

Hi Tot,

I hope all is well.

Yes, the content will go live within the next two weeks and I will share the link with you all following this. :blush:

Best wishes,

thank you

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Hi, I hope this is the correct way to post a contribution!

Parkinson’s and I.

When I was younger, I was healthy, quite fit,

I ran and I cycled, I played football a bit.

I hopped over barriers, one hand on the rail,

never once thinking my body could fail.

My thinking was fast, my voice could be loud,

never struggled to keep up with the crowd.

Now I am older, 52 as it stands,

neurons are fading, less control of my hands.

I can still control, kick, pass a ball,

but there’s always the risk of taking a fall.

My writing is tiny, my voice can be weak,

but not when I remember to THINK LOUD when I speak.

Now when seeing those barriers that I once would leap over,

my brain still thinks yes but my body screams “Whoa!”

Yes, I have Parkinson’s and things sometimes get mucky,

but with help from the experts, I do feel quite lucky.

With support from my family, especially my wife,

I think I can say “I have a good life!”

Stay Positive People. xxx

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Hi G. Finnegan.
Or is it Finnegan. G

Fae this wee Guvinn guy
YE kin post ennywerr ye like
Coz ye’ll dae fur me.

Gonyirsel G. Finnegan
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill::pray: :pray: :pray:

  What's your Problem 

The male parkie issue unspoken but true.
The problem I speak of is the public loo.

He heads for the corner as most men do.
Standing there shaking and soaking his shoe…

The issue exacerbated as the stranger walks in.
Worried about what he’s thinking as he gives you a grin.

What’s going to happen as he gives you that stare.
If he knew you were ill then he probably wouldn’t care.

Should you explain or shouldn’t you bother?
What are his thoughts
Do you explain to another.?

Have you reached your limit of explaining today.
Another tedious excuse uttered in dismay.

In the end you say nothing
and neither does he
just two total strangers having a pee.

Problem is, tomorrow it all starts again.

The anxiousness of finding an
explanation for all situations.

Who would have thought that a simple human function
could bring such worries
such strange complications.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

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I was invisible, unknown, uninvited, unwelcome.

Out of mind, out of sight.

For every tiny benefit one enormous fight.

Occasionally patronised by Parliament.

Promises uttered but never sent.

Annoyingly given the pitiful pat on the head.

Would much rather have welcomed some respite instead.

Given so much, that my energy was spent.

Then adding to the problem by becoming the patient.

Even our young are now having to care.

Hoping for just one day out courtesy of pudsey the bear.

Politicians again pretending to care.

All soon forgotten, as are the voter’s who put them there.

The vultures are circling now as I grow more still.

Hoping to benefit a little from the will.

But the assets will be grasped by our government’s grubby hands.

Leaving my carer only the clothes in which she stands.

And so the carousel turns it’s way round again.

For those that I’ve left, the needle returns to the start of the song.

The never ending circle of making being ill, well just simply wrong.

At least for me it’s over and I’ll have my peace.

It’s someone else’s turn for our leaders to fleece.

No stone, no plaque, no sign I was there.

Just the tomb of a nobody
An unknown carer.

Tommy 2019

Hi all,

Thanks again for the amazing poetry that you’ve all contributed to this thread. We posted the first poetry video last week which received 532 views. We will continue to release these videos throughout the year to help raise awareness on Parkinson’s and to help promote the forum.

These videos can be viewed on our Twitter and Facebook pages, however, I will continue to share the videos on the forum too. :blush:

Best wishes,

The Thief of Belief

Wearing the shadows cape

A thief sneaks, covertly

Closets himself, hidden

Like childhood monster

Ensconced in your soul

Hiding and abiding

A stealth burglar awaits

His opportunity

Lurks under the radar

Covets your confidence

As your fingers fumble

Your feet sometimes stumble

The gait of the humble

Lips that release mumbles

Yet eloquence voted remain

Aided by the turncoat doubt

Certainties past ally

Repeats the questions

Questions repetition

Warranty expired

Body and mind taken

A future forsaken

Unless hope awakens

All your belief taken

Without a citizen’s arrest

Your Ego a brave echo

Reminds of true courage

As it guards self belief

Denies him his plunder

A robbery foiled


The signs were there long before I was aware

The neurons were flying from my brain, dying

Thus beginning a long journey, who knows where…

My journey, not the neurons’; no relying

On the neurons who are out

It was they who let me down

Left me unable loud to shout

Turned my smile into a frown

Saved me not from wonky gait

As I tried to walk right tall

Handed me over to fate

And abandoned me to falls.

They turned down low my power

To allow me a bit of rest

I went slower and slower

While trying my very best

Any neurons to pass by

They left me alone, no aids

Those times I wanted to try

Consequently I’m forbade

On my own to explore

Go far from our front door

Without care…

Without a care - better

Be a new trend - setter…

For today


Might not be

Good for me

We shall see

That it be



That it be

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See the butterfly beautifully unfold her precious delicate wings.

Feel the inextricable connection to mother earth’s incredible things.

By all means acknowledge the freight train of thoughts thundering through your troubled head.

Allow them just to be as they are and then gently lay them to bed.

Enjoy the air you breathe and notice how enriched it makes you feel.

Live only in this moment for it is now, and lusciously real.

No concern for what maybe or insecurities to impede your direction.

Only the beauty, the wonderment of nature’s nourishment to occupy life’s reflection.

Offer to yourself some well deserved kindness.

Embrace what you have today with no mental blindness.

Tommy 2019 :pill::pill::pill:


Beautiful poem, Tommy. EM

A really lovely poem Tommy. X


Sleep calling.
Skin crawling.

Brain bawling.
Feels appalling.

Stand up.
Sit down.

Cerebral torture.
Total meltdown.

Pacing floor.
Punch the door.

Anxiety max
Devouring snacks

My oh my
Pondering why?

Strange phenomena
Accursed Insomnia!!

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: ™ 2019

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oh my god, I can relate to every single line.

Thanks Mrs T…
We both suffer the same way including the nightmares eh? And I see like me your still awake.
Nice to see you back though.
Kieth was asking for you yesterday when I spoke to him.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

please send Keith all hugs.

Will do.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Be kind,
Unwind and
You may find…
All is okay
For another day.

On the other hand,
You must understand
The lie of the land
Can be crap.