Parkinson's Is Poetry thread 2019


As the days pass by
I sit alone and wonder why
How come parkie chose me?
For the answer I know
Is in my family tree

Who it attacks
It cares not a jot
It, s 50/50 whether
You get it or not

For the generations to come
I hope they do not sucome
To this awful affliction
And that in the future
There will be a cure for this condition

I pray in the future
My family will be free
From the curse
That is pd



There are times I know
When I feel so low
Who do I turn to
Where do I go

It, s hard to explain
Because you can’t show the pain
To make others aware
That you need someone to care

You have to keep trying
Not to start crying
To search for the way out
And rid the self doubt

Sure times can be tough
And things do get rough
But you will find ways
To get through the bad days

Keep your head up
Do your favourite thing
But whatever you do
Don, t hit the Gin


Resh it may have passed me by as have had a bit of a to do with my health this past few weeks but if they were used, can you point me in the right direction to see how the poems were used. You mentioned creating videos?


Hi Tot,

I hope all is well.

Yes, the content will go live within the next two weeks and I will share the link with you all following this. :blush:

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thank you


Hi, I hope this is the correct way to post a contribution!

Parkinson’s and I.

When I was younger, I was healthy, quite fit,

I ran and I cycled, I played football a bit.

I hopped over barriers, one hand on the rail,

never once thinking my body could fail.

My thinking was fast, my voice could be loud,

never struggled to keep up with the crowd.

Now I am older, 52 as it stands,

neurons are fading, less control of my hands.

I can still control, kick, pass a ball,

but there’s always the risk of taking a fall.

My writing is tiny, my voice can be weak,

but not when I remember to THINK LOUD when I speak.

Now when seeing those barriers that I once would leap over,

my brain still thinks yes but my body screams “Whoa!”

Yes, I have Parkinson’s and things sometimes get mucky,

but with help from the experts, I do feel quite lucky.

With support from my family, especially my wife,

I think I can say “I have a good life!”

Stay Positive People. xxx


Hi G. Finnegan.
Or is it Finnegan. G

Fae this wee Guvinn guy
YE kin post ennywerr ye like
Coz ye’ll dae fur me.

Gonyirsel G. Finnegan
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill::pray: :pray: :pray:

  What's your Problem 

The male parkie issue unspoken but true.
The problem I speak of is the public loo.

He heads for the corner as most men do.
Standing there shaking and soaking his shoe…

The issue exacerbated as the stranger walks in.
Worried about what he’s thinking as he gives you a grin.

What’s going to happen as he gives you that stare.
If he knew you were ill then he probably wouldn’t care.

Should you explain or shouldn’t you bother?
What are his thoughts
Do you explain to another.?

Have you reached your limit of explaining today.
Another tedious excuse uttered in dismay.

In the end you say nothing
and neither does he
just two total strangers having a pee.

Problem is, tomorrow it all starts again.

The anxiousness of finding an
explanation for all situations.

Who would have thought that a simple human function
could bring such worries
such strange complications.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: