Parkinson's Is Poetry thread 2019


It, s the early hours
I, m up again
Mind full of things
So I pick up my pen

The wind is raging
The rain lashing down
As I sit drinking tea
In my dressing gown

At least I, m dry
And not windswept
It, s just that I wish
I could have slept

I dunk another biscuit in my tea
Then it, s time for a pee
After that it, s back to bed
Hoping I manage to get some ‘z’


Summer’s passing
Autumn’s on it’s way
And with the end of year
I will be able to say
A whole decade living
With Parkinson’s always there
Never taking a day off
Never playing fair
No way of knowing
If the day will be good or bad
A day when I do as I please
Or one when Parky drives me mad
Ten whole years
Who knows how many to come
But I’m still standing
Can feel the rain, see the sun
Life’s still good, I’m not beat
Ten years on that’s no mean feat


Excellent work TOT.
10 out of 10 :clap::clap::clap:

Thank you!!


Good morning sir!
please step inside?

Make yourself comfortable
For I have a camera to hide!

Whilst I make some
sedation preparation.

Let’s have some friendly

I’ve got some samples to

Tell me sir who is your
favourite artist?

I can’t believe that sir, did you
really say ABBA?

Let’s see if we can change
that nonsense.

Now then, how about
Lady gag gag ga ga?

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: ™ 2019


Laughed out loud. Nailed it again.

      "Don't worry" 

Off with the mutt for a walk.
Not as if it’s a run.

Disconcerting perception transpires.

Is it simply a funny turn?

Steps become erratic, the reality of fear.

Barely managing to select a forward gear.

Dilemma soon erodes, just left in shock.

Best to do the right thing and inform the doc.

Rapidly wired to the E. C. G.
checking for stroke.

Instant results, conclusion a joke.!!!

“Not to worry sir its home now for you, merely a (Cerebral Event) has occurred.”

Oh well that’s fine then, my mind is at ease!!!

Or am I being absurd?

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: ™ 2019


Dreaded Insomnia decides to visit again.

It’s overwhelming determination to drive me insane.

The most undesirable unwanted guest.

This much despised confounded pest.

Not content by ruining just tonight.

The bastard’s bound to screw up tomorrow alright.

Oh how am I to escape this torment?

Pacing it out, with so much to lament.

Trickery of mind embracing stupid solutions.

No sane mind could possibly contemplate these contributions.

Some dark thoughts really quite bothersome.

Right at this moment eternal anaesthesia I would almost welcome.

However for now I’ll simply put it in a rhyme.

And maybe chase the demons.

Until the next time.!!!

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: ™ 2019

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Hi Tommy so sorry to hear that you are having trouble sleeping again.

I’m having bother staying awake. The Dr has put me on longtec for pain. . Which totally knocks me out at night. Thinking of you ma cronie. X

Hi Babswood.
The doctor has put me on zopiclone.
I’ve used it once this week and woke up with a mouth that felt like I was chewing on a rusty railing all night.
Only got 3 hours so not convinced about it’s benefits.
Never mind eh?
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

       Cursed again

I feel so sad
But not for me
Seems my cousin
Is about to be

Number ten in
Our family tree
To be struck down
By this bloody pd

I had hoped that
I would be the last one
But it does, nt look
Like pd is done

All we can do is
Be there for each other
To share the pain
And not cry in vain


So sad Peter x Babs

Tarot what can you know?

Of the times to come

Oracle or debacle

Reading or misleading

From diagnosis to prognosis

Of the time to come

Parkinson’s, shakes brought on

Many more, symptoms galore

Which path or aftermath?

In the time to come

Predictions, contradiction

Uncertainty, certainly

Tea leaves predict, palm edict

Of a time to come

No guarantee, no warranty

No prophecy for anybody

Future debate, of unknown fate

In the time to come

Life is to live, as chance gives

Roll the dice, that’s my advice

I wrote this when struggling with symptoms.


Despair and lost hope
Mind struggling to cope
My dreams are in tatters
diseased body laid bare

Escape tunnel of light
Show the way out of this plight
Of a person that once
had plans of a life

Unfair and unjust
Bodies turning to dust
This was not the plan
But as I stare at the sky

I’ve given up the fight
Just ready to go
I’m beaten and bruised
depleted and sore

Tried every possible cure
But it’s time for me to go
Death will be a new start
Making way for new growth

Julie Wise


Very powerful. I hope you are doing ok at the moment.

Thank you.
It varies from day to day, the pain is crippling. I’m using writing now as I’ve become housebound.


Why don’t you just ignore the
consultants opinion.

Send us for assessment by some unqualified minion.

Kick us whilst on the ground
Tramp us underfoot and twist it round.

Austerity the first of your goals.

Brexit cloak obscuring one hundred and twenty thousand souls.

Changing homeless statistics to make it cheaper.

In fact no more homeless only the rough sleeper.

Are you proud of your policy
I. D. S.?

Now you’ve resigned are you ashamed of your mess.?

Empathy gone, replaced by platitudes.

The nasty party reveals its uncaring attitude.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: ™ 2019

Hi @Julieann,

Wow, this is so raw and powerful. Thank you for sharing this with the forum, it is incredibly brave of you to share such a vulnerable poem. :clap:

I’m sure it will resonate with many others on the forum.

Best wishes,

Hi Reah
Thankyou very much, I’ve just been reading others poems, writing is very cathartic and powerful. Its something I’m doing more of as I’m stuck at home. I didn’t realise there’s so many people being misdiagnosed. How are you doing now?

Best Wishes

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Hi Tot
Thank you, Theres some great poems on here.
All the best.