Parkinson's Living Aids Booklet 2020

Lovely as it is to receive and view the above I can’t help but feel annoyed. I would gladly support the cause but the clothing sizes are very judgemental of people.
At 6’4inch and 28st I have absolutely no way of fitting the maximum size of 2xl … 4xl or 5xl maybe. I did, in the past, order two of the bracelets but, when received, I couldn’t wear them as they cut the blood supply at my wrists and made my hands turn blue!!!
Now, I do carry some weight but not overly fat, some of us are built large and overlooked on many occasions … including this instance.

‘I do carry some weight, but not overly fat’? At 6’4" and 28 stone you are literally off the charts for obesity.

So, it seems, people assume. Never forget that assume makes an ‘ass of you and me’. Seeing is believing … I’ll leave it there Jane :sunglasses:

Hi @Hippy,

Thanks for your feedback on this, I will pass it onto our content team.

Best wishes,

Hi @Hippy,

I passed your feedback onto my colleague and they’ve asked that I share the following information.

Our sizing is based on our sales history and industry market information relating to size analysis breakdown. Our own sales history shows that sales come through as follows;

  1. Medium

  2. Large

  3. Small

  4. Large

  5. XLarge

  6. XXLarge

We sell very few XXL.

with regard to wristbands, Silicone wristbands are an industry standard size (a smaller child version is available, but we do not sell this) therefore we are unable to enlarge the size of the silicone band.

However, new to the range is a recycled fibre wristband, this is fabric and secured with an FSC wooden bead therefore the size is adjustable, stock is due at the beginning of May.

I hope this clears up for you.

Best wishes,

:sunglasses: :wink: Thank you Reah.

You’re welcome, @Hippy. :slightly_smiling_face: