Parkinsons logo ideas

Time for us to have a really hard hitting, easily recognisable logo. We could msrket t-chirts, hoodies, mugs, badges etc to supporters, I should like a PwP sweatshirt to explain my slowness, instead of having to do it myself to the queue behind me at the checkout. Ideas please
There is always the tulip or Parkinson's U.K, but John and I both hate logos, as such, as they just embarrasses people. People without Parkinson's do not know quite what to say but something that one can remark on breaks the ice. For those who are slow rather than shake,how about, "I have Parkinson's but remember the tortoise won the race." Another could be,"No need to shake my martini as I have Parkinson's."
Shaken not stirred!!:laughing:
I thought that a logo contained few words, or none at all, but merely a recognisable design, such as the distictive P and D, lower case, that we already have.
Yes,you are right about that, but as I said before logos can just embarrass people and make them unsure of how to treat one.I suspect without some writing that is slightly ironic or funny one would get patronised. Goodness knows, it is bad enough as it is.The optician talking to me rather than John etc,etc. By putting a comment rather than just a logo one is showing the human side parkinson's
I prefer just a logo, which of course was the purpose of this thread, not comments!
I find some of the suggestions patronising, bordering on offensive, e.g. 'shaken and not stirred', being one. Lowering the conditioin to a joke, which it certainly is not.

How many of us members would actually walk around with such words emblazoned on an item of clothing? Not us.
Nor me, alhough one which tells the Pope to approve of stem cell research for PwP might be a good idea.
A decent logo for a medical bracelet might be useful. As for a joke about shaking, of course that taps into the sometimes erroneous idea that Parkys is about shaking when as often it's about stiffness and immobility.

Reminds me of one awful doctor who tried to be all nice to my mum (while being very curt and condescending to me, her main carer at the time), saying 'Why are you stooping and hunched over?' When she explained she had Parkinson's, he replied, 'That wouldn't make you hunched over, you would be shaking instead!' What an idiot, really I should have complained officially but these guys get you when you're at a low ebb.

On a lighter note, the old logo for Old People's Home on the Highway Code shows three old people stooped over in a line, largely because, it's said, old people often had Parkinson's in the old days but it was misdiagnosed and just seen as being old.
Clive that's an example when a Logo would have been helpful in that doctors case . After many visits to the GPs when my husband walked in the door the GP asked him what he was looking at him like for !!! then the penny dropped and he said YOU HAVE PARKINSONS > Something my husband had suggested to him 3 years previously . I think it is a good idea to have a logo of some sort .

you have a choice whether to use it or not . Not all people are affected the same .

In fact I wear the tulip badge and my husband wears the other one . If someone show an interest I explain that is is for someone with Parkinsons .

We are in our seventies and I still manage to get my husband out with me to our local sports and social club . . In the first instance my husband became very self concious / embarressed and worried that people would think he was drunk / senile .

He was diagnosed four years ago but our members / friends knew him a long time before this . They have been brilliant asking if they can help / assist I explain that we can manage but if we get stuck I know that they would be there in an .

When we arrive his special chair is put out for him and when he needs to go to the toilet chairs are moved and doors opened like the parting of the sea .

This is all done with good humour and care .

In general I think it's probably the first time they have come across how Parkinsons can affect someone . They all want to learn more about it ..

So next time and there will be a next time they might recognise it more easily and know how to deal with the situation , which is more than we could do when first diagnosed .
if anyone wants to have a look, I have a picture from ideas suggested above.
its not meant to make the disease seem less serious

don't go looking if you are going to be offended!

On a general note, if anyone wants to share pictures of any (decent!) sort feel free to add them.
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