Parkinsons Mask

Hi all

One symptom of Parkinsons that is causing me problems is "paucity of expression" as my Consultant calls it, otherwise known as the "Parkinsons Mask". My close friends and family are having trouble communicating with me. I tend to have a very "wooden" expression and so don't express emotions such as happiness, sadness and amusement very well, I have been told that it is not clear to other people that I have "taken in" what they are saying. I have been diagnosed for just under a year and am prescribed Rasagiline (1 mg daily) and Ropinirole (4 mg slow-release daily). Does anyone have experience of this and any tips on improving non-verbal communication? Any help appreciated!

My family tells me that I always  look mad/displeased/annoyed with EVERYONE  of them!  I'm not, but don't know.  My voice is lowering, I'm often not heard when I try so hard to reassure them that all is fine!


Often told I look miserable ... frustrating, but unless I want to "out" myself, just (try to) smile and move on.