Parkinsons Medication Query


My grandad is currently on co-caredolopa 4 times a day at 4 hour intervals as well as a slow releasing co-caredolopa at night. He has carers in and I am fighting with social services at the moment to get my grandad on a DOMMAR. Therefore he needs his calls increasing from 3 times a day to 5 times a day. S.S are only wanting to increase his calls to 4 times a day.

My question is: If 4 calls a day is all he is allowed. what would the side effects/issues he would have if his last 4 hourly tablet with his slow releasing parkinson tablet?

I would appriciate advice from all as this is a ongoing fight with S.S and his GP that I am involved in.
Please do ring the helpline above left which has medical and social advisers etc. who will help you talk through your grandad's situation.

Is your grandad seen by a Parkinsons Nurse Specialist? In areas where they are in place I think they might have the necessary clout to push for the "Get it on time" principle for Parkinsons medication. This is the subject of an ongoing campaign by Parkinsons UK. If you are interested, click on the homepage (black button top left and then click on publications.