Parkinsons & MS

Hi, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009. About five years ago my 25 year old daughter was diagnosed with MS. Today my 82 year old father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Is it a coincidence or is their a genetic link? Anyone else have these neurological conditions in their family?

Hi Bridge,
I do believe there must be some genetic link. I am the third member of my family to suffer from Parkinsons Disease. Both an older sister and brother - now deceased - were also diagnosed with PD. And to cap it all, my wife has had MS for 25 years.
Makes you think doesn’t it.

It certainly does make you think! My late Mum also had Cerebella Ataxia and dementia. As my daughter said ( with wry humour ) we are playing neurological bingo. I certainly don’t want anymore ‘numbers’ to come up!
I think there is a genetic link. Worrying for my other daughters and siblings.
Thank you for your reply.

I too know one friend who has MS and a relative of hers had Parkinson’s plus, my neighbours dad had Parkinson’s and her twin sister passed away this year - she had MS.

My neighbours father had Parkinson and his daughter (my neighbours twin sister) who has recently passed away had MS.

Another thing I have noticed is my friend who has MS has several symptoms like I have - makes you think these two diseases are more closely linked than we first thought.

sorry about the repeat of part of my email - something went wrong with my lap top and have had to restart laptop. But you get my gist ………….