Parkinsons nurse?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but if its not could someone please advise me which topic it should be posted under?

Quick question.....we saw the local parkinsons nurse a year ago.Have left messages on her phone so I know shes working,but get no reply? The area we live in have a local group and through asking at the group it seems everyone is seeing her on regular appointments.Is it acceptable for her not to contact us in a year? The consultant copied her into a letter in April so we are in the system.

Just wondering how often other peoples  appointments are?


Hi Babesbrown,

I don't have regular appointments with my areas pd nurse.  It's a real problem trying to get to speak to her.  I leave messages but no reply.  

My G.P is brilliant she sends an email to the pd nurse on my behalf requesting a home visit /appointment  explaining what the issues are.  This gets a response.  

Might be an idea to try?  It's easy to ignore messages left on answer machines or  with the medical secretary but not so easy when there is 'evidence' that you have tried to contact pd nurse and no response.

Good luck x 










Hi babesbrown - I get to see my PD nurse once a year, but having said that it took eighteen month to two years before I got on the rota. Perhaps if you have a word with your support worker if you have one and see if she can get the ball rolling as they say as well. You can find out by going into the parkinsons website to see if you have one or phone the helpline. I know in most areas they are very short of qualified nurses, and those who are qualified are struggling to get round. Keep pushing it and eventually you will be seen and heard. Which area do you live if you don't mind me asking, but you are not obliged to.

All the best - Sheila

I am lucky I see my consultant and PD nurse annually one around April/May the other around October/November but both are contactable in between if needed. If others in your area have regular appts, it is perhaps worth leaving a message to that effect ie how can you get appt to see her or is there a secretary you can speak to and leave a message with her asking the PD Nurse to call. I wish you luck, it would seem I am indeed fortunate.