Parkinsons nurses

One for Admin. really.

I would be interested to know what training, if any, Parkinson’s specialist nurses receive before being put in post.

I have a reason for asking as our local PSN is off work yet again and at a recent meeting of our branch we were informed that a nurse on one of the wards in our local hospital is to take over the role of the PSN… just like that, as it seems as they have an interest in Parkinson’s.

Is this good enough when we raise funds to put in place PSN’s???

I would expect them to have more than, ‘just an interest,’ in the condition and some experience, training and expertise at the very least. I see PSN positions advertised at a very acceptable remuneration, often better than hard working ward nurses and with a much lighter work load; sitting in on every clinic consultation, unnecessary except for newly diagnosed PWP or a medication review, and therefore not visiting PWP on the wards or at their local branch.

Our branch used to send our fundraising money to fund more PSN’s but we now send it to research.