Parkinson's Nurses

I was diagnosed back in February, but have not had any contact with a Parkinson's Nurse. Can anybody tell me what they do, and whether I've been missing out on anything?
Some people are happy, but I have had no real help from the PD Nurses. Maybe they have access to your Neurologist so they can get you in to see him easily.

i ahve a male pd nurse,and i can talk to him beter than i can the neuro,i feel more comfortable.he explains things so well.a pd nurse should be there at the other end of the phone to help you,or you see the pd nurse when its you appointment in stead of the neuro ,it all plans out well actually.some places dont have pd nurses.and i wish they do soon,cus they missing out on so much help,and guidence.:smile:
Hi Daveygod,

Iv'e only seen my PD nurse a couple of times and am due an apt in few weeks time. Find she observes me and listens to my needs more than my neuro can (don't rate neuro!) and she liases well with my doctor, but always remember they can offer advice but it's you who decides what meds etc you need and are comfortable with.
My doc recently suggested i had a swallowing test re my belching wind problems and sent info to neuro, but PD nurse reckons i might have reflux problem and suggested taking Omeprazole or similar?? I'm currently undecided what action to take so will wait for apt to discuss then take my time to evaluate & come up with a decision. Basically neuro verses PD nurse = PD nurse everytime, much more sussed on viewing and speaking to patients needs. Hope you gert a good one!

I like my neuro and my pd nurse.I must be lucky!! The pd nurse is much more help with the everyday problems and practical solutions.
Hi my PD nurse is a godsend I have 2 or 3 appts a year but she is always on the end of the phone if needed and calls in at local PD group informally and liaises well with both Neuro and GP.i find I can talk to her without getting worked up. 10/10 for nurses :smile:
Hi Daveygod, Not everwhere in the UK has a PD nurse. But your Gp will be able to tell you if there is one in your area. My Gp referered me to my PD nurse and she is very good. I see her twice a year at present, but can speak to her on the phone too. She keeps in touch with my GP.