Parkinson's On-Line Survey

Hi Eveyone

I am an Independent Market Researcher assisting in the recruitment of Parkinson’s patients to participate in an on-line survey.

The project is being conducted on behalf of GSK who are interested in your views and opinions on how your medication is working for you, which will ultimately assist them when formulating new medicines for Parkinson’s suffers in the future.
If you meet the criteria below and are happy to participate then please call me, Denise Salinger on 020 8905 3016 or email me at [u][email protected][/u] (please include your phone number, and I will call you straight back.

• Patients must be diagnosed with Parkinson’s for 6 months or more
• Not to have had surgery for Parkinson’s
• Not taking Duodopa
• Must be taking Levodopa or a product containing Levodopa
• Dosage of Levodopa product to be 4 times or more per day
• Must experience ‘off time’ – when you medication is not working so well for you and your Parkinson’s symptoms occur. This can happen at any time of the day.
• Must have internet access to participate
• Survey takes approximately 45 minutes to complete in total (can be stopped and resumed later if preferred)
• £80 as a token of appreciation for your participation
• To be completed asap
This is a bona fide market research study, conducted under the Code of Conduct of the Market Research Society which guarantees your anonymity and from any form of selling.
You will be given your own personal ID link to the survey if you meet the above criteria and are eligible for this study.
Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
Denise Salinger