Parkinsons on top of Alzheimers, wonderful

Hi, my mum (58) has been diagnosed with alzheimers for just over a year, and last week we got the next (somewhat expected) bombshell that she has parkinsons as well. I'm not convinced that the diagnosis is 100% because there are a few other illnesses related to dementia that have very similar symptoms, and the neuro psycho told me that the diagnosis was formed from symptoms not from brain scans. But anyway, she's on some parkinson's medication now to stop her tremors, we'll see how that goes.

Wonderful. As if life could get any better for her right now.

I don't know a great deal about parkinson's and at this point, i don't know if i really want to know. I've spent the last year reading and researching hundreds of hours about alzheimers and by the sounds of it the alzheimers will get her before the parkinsons really kicks in. But still, i guess I need to be here, find out what other little treasures we have in store for us.

Oh, i'm in Australia too, there are no forums regarding parkinsons (or alzheimers for that matter) in Australia, so i have to come and hijack the UK forums.
You're not hijacking, you're joining in. So welcome to the club.

Is the medication helping your mum? What kind of local support does she get?

Good luck to both of you, anything you need to ask there will be people here who will be able to offer advice and support.
hi zeeeb, welcome to the forum, life with alhziemers does,nt have to be all doom and gloom there is life with pd, i was diagnosed 9 years ago at the age of 43 i thought it was the end of my life but nine years later here i am the pd has deteriorated but it has been slow, i have had to give up work and i have joined my local parkinsons support group although i did not ask to get pd it has enriched my life i know that sounds stupid and if there was a cure i would be first in line but i have met so many lovely people both in the support group and on the forum, you have to learn to live with pd and not let it take over your mums life, i am sorry to hear about the alzheimers hope they can control it for a while yet and your mum can have a reasonable quality of life good luck sue.