Parkinson's parcel

When I was diagnosed I was given a Parkinson’s box to put my life into; some things fit in the box while others I have to leave behind.

Each day I fill up my box and post it to myself. When the parcel arrives I very often put its contents to one side and intensely scrutinise the Parkinson's box; its shape and size, is it smaller than yesterday’s box? I forget to enjoy the things I can do, the things I send to myself. The box is incidental; what’s inside is all.

dr jonny
Dear Dr Johhny I am from this day on spelling your name or screen name as I would
any Doctor It is a mark of respect which I happen to think you deserve , your vivid descriptions of how you deal with the EVIL BLACKHEART always make sense to me and I am sure others that read your very most exelency of supelativness of
knowledgable of understandinglyness, cannot fail to pick up on your abilities .
I for one seem o click with your mindset," I don't know if that's a usefull comparison" butat or but at least you have one person who appreciates your work.
I am sure there will be millions, well maybe 10 people who read our combined efforts to amuse and educate our fellow members of this brilliant forum, where was I,, OH YES 10 people will find solace or is that shoelace, ,,no right first time, from the outpouring of wiselyness we willingly give to our buddies,and I
hope persists for Imenselitude, or at least until our EVIL PARTNER BLACKY removes the last Brain cells from old feds skull, kep urp the hi stanward Doc I
do always recognize the codes within youeare prose
Yours with the utmost respect and Regardly Mad Fed McMad:fearful::smile::smile::grin::sunglasses: