Parkinsons plus/cbgd

Hi everyone I'm new to the forum!

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with parkinson's plus which id never heard of. I was 51 and up until February this year I was working full time.  I had to reduce my hours due to fatigue. I do have more to share but first would be very interested in finding out more about this p plus and others experiences !

Hi there, I was diagnosed with Parkinsonism 3 month after an abnormal datscan my consultant thinks its a Parkin mutation (Genitic PD) my PD nurse thinks it is Parkinsons Disease after seeing her.

Never heard much about Parkinsons Plus/CBGD how did they come to that diagnosis? What symptoms have you got?

Anyways sorry I have not been much help maybes someone with abit more knowledge will come along and help you.