Parkinsons progression

is it true that parkinsons without a tremor progresses more quickly than one without a tremor,and that with a tremor is a more benign form.
I believe so on average, but that cannot forecast an individual's progression.
I've not heard this before. When you say without a tremor, do you specifically mean a resting tremor? I ask as I only get an action tremor occasionally but rarely a resting tremor. Thanks.
Hallo friends,
My wife has never had the tremor but is badly handicapped by PD - plus the sad problem of very poor vision. Pd affects her speech and so communicating with others in her care home is hardly possible.
I visit her most days and we have quite a 'chat' but otherwise i feel she lives in a cheerless little world,
put a TV in her room but she can't handle remote control!
What can I do to provide some sort of stimulation?
Just last week Doc told me i have heart problem - probably due to the too-frequent visiting, helping with meals etc. - and I must slow down!
Answers on a postcard please!
Hello Jackmin, That is a difficult and sad situation, I've had a think - did she like reading before all this? I wonder if listening to books being read might interest her? Even though she is not blind, how about the reading for the blind books? Unlike normal story cassettes or DVDs, the reading for the blind machine has large easy to find buttons which might suit her abilities and the book cassettes are quite chunky - they come through the post - you could order them for her even when you are not visiting, and collect used ones to post back whenever you go in. Dinky.
Hallo dinky and welcome to the family!
Yes, thanks we have books on USB sticks - really great - from 'Calibre' charity.
i had a welcome day off, today, and our daughter said her mum was in good spirits - lots of girlie things to chat about - needs new pants- will I take her new skirts in tomorrow and so on!
I rang daughter on her mobile and was able to have a short chat with my sweetheart- speech not brilliant but I know she enjoyed the moment.
Tough to take at times but that's life
Best wishes to all who reade this.
So I am benign,now how sublime.
Hello ANNE29 and jackmin,
Anne I am 62 and was diagnosed in 99, I have had very little tremor but very severe Dyskinesia combined with long shutdowns , luckily the system I have now
Duodopa works well and hopefully will help me negotiate the next ten years when I am sure a cure for this evil disease will be available.
Jackmin I am saddened by your plight, I am not being flippant here but when my Dad lost his sight he used to enjoy discovering shapes and guessing what they were
the list was endless , eg fruit tools screws model aircraft and ships, he also would sit for hours bursting the bubbles in bubble wrap , he liked the 1inch bubble wrap but any thing that stimulated his senses and got his brain working he would try it. I wish you well Sir in this difficult time
Kindest Regards fedex:grin::sunglasses: