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My husband (has Parkinsons) had a cough but lungs were clear, the doctor recommended Mucinex and I noticed his cough and thinking were somewhat better after a few days. I put both Parkinson’s and Mucinex in the computer and came up with a clinical trial for Ambroxol which is similar to Mucinex but has different ingredients. Long story short I bought some online, capsules and his cough went away and his thinking was much better. He’s been on them for a year, and I have upped the dose and spread it out through the day. I followed the clinical trial in dosage but started out with one capsule. It seems about every 3 or 4 months I had to up the dose but still within clinical trial amount. I believe, it I understand this correctly, the lewy bodies build up trash and “I Think” that this Ambroxol cleans it up and the cough goes away. His lungs were always clear but if you listened to him cough you’d think they were full of mucus. I have since added Trazadone and this improved his thinking and overall health, it is also in clinical trials. Both of these drugs are repurposed and have been around for years. I truly believe this gave my husband an extra year of being able to think clearly, and little to no coughing.

Wow thank you for that info carol127, I have had the same irritating cough for two and half years as well as my friend, we both have PD, so will give it a try, in fact will give ANYTHING a try to get some peace! Can’t thank you enough for sharing this with us. We have tried umpteen things but without success…bless you

sheffy xx

Hi Carol & Sheffy, I have been interested in this one myself so am glad you have started this thread. Ambroxol is a common drug used as an anti-mucolytic respiratory medicine. Studies indicate that the drug may help to reduce a build-up of the toxic protein alpha-synuclein in neurons, which is a defining aspect of Parkinson’s.
A phase two trial has recently finiished, results later this year. If positive this could be a game changer as it is repurposed as Carol pointed out. It could be especially useful for parkies with the GBA gene mutation N370S which if there are other parkies in your family you may well have. But some medics suggest Ambroxol could be more generally beneficial.
One day soon I hope Neurologists will prescribe something other than Levodoper.
Does anyone else take Ambroxol?
Has anyone asked their Neuro about Ambroxol?



Hear hear on the neuroscience prescribing something other than levodopa

Thank you for this, it looks very interesting and wonder if it would be good for my husband’s ‘Parkinsons Throat’. Does you OH take any standard Parkinson’s meds?

Hi Dave333 - Anymore info on this ‘cough’ in parkinsons? A friend of mine started to take Ambroxil but has not had any significant response to it.

Hoping something has come to fruition, still got my cough!

Sheila (sheffy)