Parkinson's sufferer arrested for nto smiling during the Olympics

:grin: (just in case!)
:grin: Good evening officer.
Tell those Surrey police officers, if they mess with the Parkinson's gang then Bob Hoskins is going to pay them a visit......:fearful:
....wearing o Sonia Rykiel dress and driving a car that can travel in time.
other PD crimes
loitering with intent to get through a doorway
holding up a queue of shoppers in the supermarket
staring inappropriately without wolf-whistling
inaudible but obviously obscene phone calls to overseas call centres
forging your own signature in minature
being drunk and disorderly without being intoxicated
driving dangerously slowly
making offensive lists while under the influence of drugs
lastly and most seriously - crimes against the humanities ie bad poetry, painting etc
o my gosh ,how mad is that,makes you wonder wot this country is becoming if thats all the police have to do,they need to get butts out there and catch real people doing crimes:rolling_eyes: