Parkinsons t-shirts

Not sure this is in the right place to post this but recently I bought some

t-shirts fom the Parkinsons shop online. Because they were

only £5 each I thought they MUST be rubbish which would

lose all shape in the wash.

To my pleasant surprise they are really good, excellent quality

and washed very well.

if anyone's hesitating about buying.....DON'T

Do you mind me asking which site it was  please ?

Hi Shelly


No problem -it was this site. If you scroll to the top

of this page there is a blue tab marked SHOP. Press that

and you're in - good luck.



Blonde moment on my part   it does say parkinsons shop online red face

Thank you


Could we get a T shirt on a Celebrity PWP
Idea:   Profile  raising by celebrities 
Parkinson UK banner "you are not alone" well some days it  bl***y feels like it 
Forgive the rant but pls  think about this
I know people for example like Billy Connolly and bob Hoskins are private individuals and that has to 
be respected. Im not supporting  the invading any ones privacy. 
But i think Parkinsons charitys in general you are missing the opportunity  to improve profile and get research funding etc  as perM J  Fox did in the USA   If Celebrity's  are  not approached and asked to do something worth while for millions of sufferers like themselves even in the "autumn" of their careers, 
My opinion  and observation since my DX  is that   Parkinson's is still looked on by the general public as only  an older  persons problem  and that i see  as a  failure. 
If one Jamie Oliver can create a stir about school meals etc  then you / we  need to do the same 
I could  go on,  Jade Goody RIP ,  Kylie Minogue   both done good work &  raised the profile and saved many  lives & im sure increased receipts / research. 
 its a sad reflection on modern society  but people  "listen to celebs"  as Neil postman alluded to in 
"Amusing ourselves to death" 
So lets start a list  and send them a t shirt.'s_disease
 that's my two pence worth  I'm getting off the soapbox now 
I wish only  good days and restful nights to all of you.
good night 






Well said, Pmac...I'd go even further in Bob Hoskins case and say that, personally, I'm disappointed by his continuing silence about pd. He is in a great position to publicise and fund-raise. I'm just surprised such a spunky little character appears to have pulled the shutters up! Very much hope I'm proved wrong in the future!

Look up billy Connolly on you tube. Re prostrate. Exam. 

Funny how life imitates art ???.