Parkinson's UK website - tell us what you think

Hello everyone! :wave:t5: :wave:t4: :wave:t3: :wave:t2:

We’re currently running some research to find out what visitors to the Parkinson’s UK website think of it.

We’ve already heard from a number of people with Parkinson’s and now we’re keen to hear from family members, friends and carers to find out whether the information we provide is meeting their needs.

Do you use the website (including the Forum)? Would you be happy to take part in an online interview sometime within the next week to tell us more?

If so, please complete this form and someone from our research agency, (Reason Digital), will be in touch to see if there is a suitable time for you to take part.

Interviews will take place within the next week and will run for approximately 60 minutes.

Best wishes,
Forum Admin