Parkinson's World Congress - Creativy and Parkinson's - competition

The 3rd World Parkinson's Congress takes place this year in Montreal, Canada from the 1st - 4th October. The congress is unique because it gives researchers, people living with Parkinson's, professionals and organisations like Parkinson's UK the chance to meet, share and inspire. For each event the organisers ivite anyone affected by Parkinson's to submit videos about life with the condition into a competition. There are two categories which I'll list here, but do note the second one is perfect for all you creative people out there:
Category 1 - General Parkinson's. An open category available to anyone to share their story about Parkinson's. You can submit a video on anything to do with life with Parkinson's.
Category 2 - Creativity and Parkinson's. This is your chance to submit a video about being creative and how creativity helps you in your life. Be bold and experiment!

The prize is two nighs accomodation in Montreal to attend the conference. The winners will also be invited to speak and explain their video. Flights are not included int eh prize.

Entrance is free the deadline for entries is 8th May 2013. To find out more and see a winning video from a previous winner (Tony Cox and 'Spring Tide') go to