Hi every one am 51 years old and just been told I have pd, but its sum think I have to get use too any help or advice would been great
Hi Howie,

Welcome to the forum, I was also diagnosed when I was 51, that was April last year so stil fairly new to me. You will find lots of advice on here but you will also discover that every experience with Parkinsons is different.
I have a tremor in my left hand and arm, slightly unsteady on my feet at times. I also have a shake at times in my voice but on the whole keep fairly good health.
I am currently on Requip XL 8mg per day and Half sinemet 1 tablet 3 times per day.
I work full time in healthcare, and have a very supportive manager.

Hope to see you around the forum. :wink:
hi howie,

welcome to the forum my advice to you is take one day at a time its a big shock to the system to be told you have pd but eventually you will learn to cope with it and adapt, but its not all doom and gloom i was diagnosed 10 years ago and have been resonably lucky in that my pd is slow progressing dont get me wrong it has deteriorated but i can still do most things i enjoy i still drive although i was forcrd to give up my job last year, but the best thing i have done is joined my local pd support group because it always helps to talk to other pwp,s and i have a good social life with the group, i know it does,nt feel like it now but it is,nt all bad, but if you have any worries or questions we are all here to help.sue.
Howie, another welcome to you!

You sound as if you are accepting the diagnosis well so far. As others have said, every case of PD is a bit different, but I am another pwp whose case offers hope to others. I've had PD for 15 years and am still living the same life as before. I can play the piano, hike, garden, practice Tai Chi, and so forth. A few things I may do more slowly or more clumsily than I used to, but I do not feel that my lifestyle has been altered.

Best wishes, J
Hello Howie
I still have not got my head round p d even tho I was dx in 2010 age 47
Its just one day at a time for me as somebody posted
P D is life changing but you have to call the shots {sorry about the cliche }
The thing that works for me is doing what I want to do ie sleeping more
exercise a bit skiing badly and laughing
Also good friends and family are a big help
I hope this helps Im rambling now 3 glasses of red Time for bed Aidy
Hi Howie,
Welcome to the forum. I have only had my diagnosis confirmed in the last few weeks too at 46 yrs. Bit of a blow, isn't it? I'm finding thinking, reading and dealing with PD all consuming right now while I try to get my head around it. Also find I need a siesta most days to get through the evening schedule with my three kids. Not started meds yet, have you? I see my neuro on 28/3 so will discuss plans then. Good luck and I'm sure you'll find this forum a great support and resource, I have already.
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Hi to my lady friends out the iv been on ropinirole 4 mg for 2 weeks iv woke up with really bad period cramp, can I take any painkillers with just drug x
Hi go and ask your local Chemist, to be safe, I am on Madapor CR 4 times a day and Ropinerol 4mg 3 times a day I have been told only to take Paracetamol, but this really makes me spaced out so only take them when at home but everyone is different. or phone the NHS hotline. hope you feel better soon.:rolling_eyes:
Thanks will do x