What are you supposed to look like. If you have PD?

People always say to me. I would not have known if you had not told .

What am I supposed to look like?

Does anybody know?
Beside the obvious tremor I have noticed a certain facial expression that some PWP have. This is someimes really obvious when they are 'off'. A while ago I was having lunch with a PWP and he suddenly looked blank and uncomprehending, even though he was fully lucid.

After a tablet he was fine again.

Also, there's a gait people have.......

But this is mot always or certain, but I have asked my wife to explain the face thing to our friends, so they don't think I'm being gawmless!!!!! :)))
and if you havent got a tremor you look like ... a perfectly normal drunk in a bad mood after losing a wrestling match.
When my legs wobble when I m standing I'm Julie Walters in the waitress and the soup sketch
S dog
I think that most people have the idea that you have horns, a long pointed tail and breathe out flames whilst shuffling along the street waving your wings about. Seriously though, people not in the know can sometimes come out with silly remarks. Maybe after the coming 'Awareness Week' , one or two people will be a little more enlightened.
What are you supposed to look like with PD?

You aren't supposed to look like anything! You can only look like yourself. If we happened to have the ability to morph into the person other people expect us to be we would be hundreds of different people every day; we would never be ourselves. Why should we conform to the uninformed expectations other people have of PD? Sufferers know the disease from the inside, we know more than the doctors, so why are we supposed to fulfil the expectations of people who don't know anything about PD? Maybe meeting sufferers teaches that person something about questioning their preconceptions...

We can only be ourselves and because PD varies so much we can only live with and display our unique instance of Parkinson's disease

dr jonny

My point exactly dr jonny. I've been DX 8 yrs .i'm still me,and just wondered what I was supposed to look like. Regards to all Angel4u
I was diagnosed 33 years ago, and as far as I am concerned is,what you see,is what you get and if you don't like it,tough! I don't, as far as I know act any different so if anyone were to ask me such a stupid question. the reply woud simply be, "I am me!"

Blue Angel
I don't think I look any different pre or post Dx !! Same old me.
I look the same pre & post dx - except I have less hair!