Parky and Esteem

Hello to all.
Having PD is not very nice,30 yrs ago if someone said in 30yrs you will have a horrible degenerative Brain Disease, I would have told them to go away,or words to that effect, and now thanks to my Little latopp we are back in 2013 oops hang
on?????? slight miscalculation, 2012, sorry had a bad night, I am back in my home
my wife is urging me to get dressed as she wants to go to our local shops and then to our local coffee bar where we meet up with friends, its a very pleasant morning I am 80% MOBILE, so its time to unleash the Beast,this lives in a concrete shed especially converted by my son Peter I had electric installed so the little scooter continuously trickle charges so the batteries are always topped up, the reason I am telling you this is 5 years ago I could not walk 10 mtrs I was unstable and had many falls, so I had to accept a walking aid,,me a
walking aid, I used to walk 12-15 mls most weekends in my beloved cheviots, now
A STICK my self esteem plummeted, however I got used to it and now its my constant companion, on the same track, I was in the Metro Centre with my daughter
and was stricken with horrific back pain, I could not move, she said I wil be back
in a minute dad and she soon returned with a wheelchair, I am not getting in that thing, my self esteem is low enough "GET IN",:sunglasses: so w set off, it was great IT FELT LIKE 30MPH in fact it was only 20, it did wonders for my self esteem as it gave me freedom, I can do the shopping and other usefull things but the purchase of my mobility scooter that gave the greatest boost I was a bit self conscious at first but now I love it, it only does 12 mph but it feels double that its great fun I feel like a kid again I am mobile independent its improved my quality of life 100% so if you are Housebound ,,,as I was, GO GO ON GO ON GO ON YOU will Love it. All the Best to Everyone on this Brilliant forum
fedexlike (fed)

you make me look forward to getting one!
but you should have the highest self-esteem of anyone on the planet!
you are an unconquerable hero against an invincible foe. you are a ninga!
you wield 1:32 scale models against a tyranosaurus and beat him back.
you fight against the monster every inch of the way with humour and bravery.
what can be more estimable than that!


Hi Fedex, Wait until you have had pd 40 years! I started very young as they say. Things were pretty much OK for a long.long time. But then last year My mobility plummeted to almost zero. Boy, was I fed up!However, my GP suggested a mobility scooter, which was duly acquired and it lives in a shed at the side of our bungalow.Never having driven anything,I was a bit nervous to start with.But now I absolutely love it.....freedom,my own set of wheels! Then just when you are least expecting it this ugly brute which time and time again tries to take over throws something else at you, this time it is panic attacks! This is being sorted out as we speak, I have been prescribed Madapor. (Any advice on this would be appreciated) But despite everything I am happy , and I have the support of my family.Finally , I would just like to wish one and all a Very Happy New Year.

Hi fedexlike
I can see where you have been with this one. I am still managing to take holidays to faraway places, but due to the speed and distance you have to go when your flight is called, I have to arrange for assistance at the airports. This is normally the old trusted wheel chair. Made me feel rather self concious when the people stared at me. Sometimes overheard comments were not all that favourable about people in wheel chairs going ahead of the queue. It used to make feel low and my self esteem suffered. I then thought to heck with it, how many of these nerds would swap with me. Now, like so many wheel chair users I hold my head up and ignore them. I may- add that I do not normally use a wheel chair in daily life because out walking I can go at my own speed etc.

Hello Turnip and Blue Angel, your words Turnip humble this mere earthly being, but I like them , in fact you describe in a amazingly perceptive way precisely my
feelings when Blackheart is battering my defences I will not bow to this unstoppable evil I am aware of the battle ahead and of the ultimate conclusion but if the worst thing occurs Itake Blackheart down too.
Hello Blue Angel, I have been Taking Madopar since 99 and they are effective but
made the night terrors worse , give them a good try every one is different and you may escape the worst, good luck.
All the very best to you both fedex

Hello chunky as I TYPE these word my brain is wnding dowm , I wil pick up thread upon normality sorry

Hi Fedexlike and everyone,

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and a reasonable one throughout 2013.

I have had my wheelchair for about 24 years now and I always say to people try to think of it as a piece of equipment to enable you to have a fuller life. When I first had to use a wheelchair we went to two different towns near us because I was worried about what people thought, silly really but for years now I am always seen around either in my wheelchair or loading/unloading it from the car, its given me so much independence and just in case any of you are on your own when driving and need assistance to get fuel do use service call, most offer help with this system.
best wishes to you all

Good Morning Vivian
I wish you a great year ahead and may your life run smooth with no intrusions by
BLACKHEART, I feel ok this morning and running about 79% efficient ,having just taken my PD medication I awoke, 4.50 and took my Dispersible Madopar which works
quickly activating my remaining 18 brain cells and allows me to move and think at
the same time, this is much better than thinking of the task I wish to carry out
then having to wait 3 or 4 minutes until the little enablers enable, then 1hr
I take my Madopar capsule+ Tolcapone, this consolidates the whole system and as long as I am careful and lookout for the signals that my body sends up from fingers and toes "a mild tingling" and of course I use an external alarm which
wakes everyone in a 3ml radius of my home, the reason for the early start incidently Night Terrors, I should write them down , they would make excellent
Horror movies, well onward and upward, must make breakfast in case of relapse
Kindest Regards fed